Our Heritage

Renowned as travellers, the Portuguese have brought influences from the world over to their kitchens, resulting in a fusion of spices and flavours from around Europe, the East and of course Africa.

Adega Restaurants began in the late ‘90s when there were few good eateries where people could gather to enjoy traditional Portuguese fare and hospitality.

Through the years Adega has become renowned for its traditional Portuguese cuisine and for being affordable, yet highly up market. Whilst each restaurant has its own character the one common factor throughout our network of restaurants is our Portuguese hospitality which places emphasis on celebrating delicious food in the company of family and friends.

Adega Kenya started in 2014 and has recently introduced Portuguese wines and other spirits and drinks to add to the flavours of an exquisite fine dining experience.

Welcome and enjoy your Adega experience!


An Exquisite Fine Dining Experience

Adega Kenya is an upmarket Portuguese restaurant offering a luxurious fine dining experience. We cater for a variety of tastes and styles having ensured that our menu is of the highest quality. Our exquisite restaurant provides a warm and unpretentious atmosphere. The innate ambience allows you to feast in true Portuguese panache.

Portuguese Cuisine

Portuguese Cuisine is famous for its seafood and the traditional dishes. The most popular traditional dish is known as the tempura, which is either seafood or vegetables, mixed in a special batter and deep-fried.

Our burgers are not your regular style, we make them in Portuguese Roll and call them “Pregos”. They are generous portions of your favourite chicken, beef or fish.

The other unique dish is known as the Espetada and it comes in Vegetarian or Chicken. This is a traditional Portuguese dish of small chunks of the choice of portion up on a skewer.

Using Lemon Butter is our specialty and that is why our LM Style Chicken with Prawns is a big hit.